Monday, April 4, 2011

Manga Website That I Choose to Read Naruto Manga

Dear Readers,

Thanks for the support of this fan page website that I have setup. It's been a long time since my last update, don't worry, I still love and read Naruto Manga almost every week. You should be in love of watching Naruto too and today I would like to share with you my favourite website that I usually choose to read Naruto Manga. I know I have shared a similar manga site previously but due to legal rights, the website owner has decided to stop publishing manga on it's site. Therefore, I decided to look for other sources to read Naruto Manga. The website that I go to now is called Manga Reader and you can look up for updated Naruto Manga almost every friday.

Here's the link to Naruto Manga.

Hope you have a nice day ahead after reading up Naruto Manga as I do believe it can help to brighten up our day through the Naruto Way of Ninja!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sasuke Vs Gaara

This video clip is on the fight between Sasuke and Gaara during their early days. Cool to watch it again to refresh the memory of good fighting parts of Naruto.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Naruto Ultimate Ninja STORM - Official Gameplay Footage 3

Check out the Naruto Ultimate Ninja STORM - Official Gameplay Footage 3

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ultimate Naruto Fanflash

Good day to all Naruto Fans,

I realised that there's alot of Naruto Fans like me out there and they have even created their own design on the characters of Naruto. Take a look at the video clip below and I can say that it is a good job done by them. Enjoy watching and do comment whether you like it or not. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to become a Hokage?

Hi Naruto Fans,

I have been thinking abt how it takes to become a hokage after watching Naruto for quite some time. Naruto has been emphasizing that he will one day become the Hokage and I really hope he will become one as you can see him growing almost everyday since the first episode.

Take a look at the steps to become a Hokage:
1) Academy

The lowest level of the ninja ranking system in the the ninja world (Naruto). All ninja students learn through broad theoretical ninja abilities such as jutsus and perform basic jutsus like the replacement technique whereby the user has the ability to replicate himself or other people that he desires to replicate. Students graduate from the academy by passing the final exam.

2) Genin

After graduating from the ninja academy, all students will be given a headband which symbolizes their respective village. The ninja's life begins here as they are exposed to different levels of mission and apply their jutsus during battles. Ninjas are expected to perform D rank jutsus like simple replication technique.

3) Chuunin

After a few missions, the students would enter into the chuunin exams divided into 3 stages :

- multiple choice test
- forest of death
- sudden death tournament to complete the whole exam.

The exams are slightly different to genin as the ninjas have to work together in order to accomplish their common goal. For instance, in Forest of Death, both Sasuke and Naruto combined their efforts to overcome a group of ninja from the rain village to gather one of the scrolls required in the mission.

The exam also test the ninja's ability to make the right decisions and working as a team.

4) Jounin

The jounins normally perform B rank jutsus and have the responsibility to protect the village as a whole. They have to seek new missions and lead their own team of newbies like Kakashi leading Team 7 of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Some jounins tend to participate in specialized jounins or ANBU which is a group that conduct top secret missions and must conceal their true identity from the other ninjas.

5) Kage

The highest ranking ninja in the ninja world (Naruto). Ultimately posses all the rank jutsus from A to S but more commonly posses the A rank and S rank jutsus also known as kinjutsus or "forbidden" jutsus which cause harm to the user. The most notable example is the sealing jutsu performed by the fourth hokage in sealing the kyuubi into Naruto's body. Other examples are Naruto's ability to perform kage bunshins and the cursed seal technique performed by Sasuke.

Also known as one of the most powerful ninja in one of the 5 powerful countries ; Konohagakure (Hokage), Sunagakure (Kazekage), Kirigakure (Mizukage), Kumogakure (Raikage) and Iwagakure (Tsuchikage).

The leader of the ninja society, treated as being equal with the rulers of their country, overlook the activities of their villages, sometimes consult with the higher ups people, sending and allocate teams into missions and making decisions regarding the safety of the village.

But what's the bigger picture for the village ?

In Naruto world, only a few elite ninjas managed to achieve the ultimate position along with equipping powerful jutsus, bloodline limits and forbidden techniques. At the highest level like for instance, the hokage is not just about having knowledge on all types of jutsu as Sarutobi, the third hokage once emphasized that being the hokage is about relentless determination and willing to sacrifice for others to pass on to the newer and ever stronger generations.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10 Ninja Jutsus

Hi Naruto Lovers,

Have you ever think abt which Ninja Jutsus is under the top 10 list? I managed to find this on youtube and do enjoy watching the clip below and give some comments whether you feel that you agree to what the clip is showing. Cheers.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Naruto edited images by photofunia

Hi Naruto Fans,

Take a look at these cool images that I have done through a online images editing website.
The website can help to edit your images easily by placing your photos onto the it and they will do the editing for you. Easy job done and having cool effects. Do try it out at photofunia and have a great day ahead. Cheers.